Hummel-School children



Thimbles of the World’s Greatest Porcelain Houses



Royal Crown Derby-The Historical Thimble Collection


Sutherland -Young Highlanders


Royal Worcester-hand painted


Sutherland-Birds of USA


Sutherland-Birds of  Britain

Stevelyn-Cires of London

Stanhope thimbles

Francesca-Henry VIII and wifes-1982

William Morris

Sutherland-Królowa Matka

Sutherland-Rezydencje Królowej Matki

Royal Worcester-Chatki


Planeta Deagostini

Royal Crwon Derby-The Chatsworth

Franklin Porcelain-Country Garden

Franklin Porcelain-The Country Store Thimbles

Franklin Porcelain-The Flowers of Holland

Franklin Porcelain-The Garden Birds

Franklin Porcelain-Baby animals

Franklin Porcelain-Friends of the Forest

Franklin Porcelain-Songbirds of The World

Craftsman Studio Colection